From Centre: Folorunso Alakija, Shade Ladipo & other participants

From Centre: Folorunso Alakija, Shade Ladipo & other participants

The recently held W.I.N exhibition & conference on International Women’s day 2017, powered by WEConnect International was an outstanding success. It was a celebration of the unconquerable can-do spirit of women, especially women who are stretching and pushing themselves to excel in their careers and businesses despite prevailing socio-economic circumstances.
The conference had a completely seamless process; from arrivals and registration to participation and departure. In attendance were entrepreneurs at various levels, as well as employees of businesses. There was a line-up of impeccable female speakers, each of who did justice to the specific topics assigned to them.
Speaking on the theme of the conference “Bold Steps for Big Change”, keynote speaker, Folorunso Alakija enjoined all women to rise, fight and push for themselves as she highlighted the factors militating and bedevilling the growth of women globally.
She also stated the exceptional qualities that women possess which stand them in good stead on all fronts of life. She encouraged participants to network and cross-pollinate ideas with one another and most importantly, take bold steps towards the realisation of their dreams.

Country director for WEConnect International in Nigeria, Shade Ladipo encouraged women to be more creative and innovative at what they do while leveraging the current economic recession for their benefit. Ms. Ladipo also charged the government to be intentional about its plans for women empowerment by matching words with action. The conference climaxed with the keynote speaker declaring the exhibition opened for business owners and attendees to interface. This was then followed by an elaborate business-to-business in-depth teaching segment for registered attendees, facilitated by speakers from the corporate organisations. The one-day event equipped participants with the required knowledge for excelling at their various vocations and business.

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